How do I cover the expansion gap within the floor surface, for runs longer than 20 r.m.?

Xtrafloor®’s T-profile offers a durable and easy solution to cover the expansion gap between 2 adjacent floors at the same level. An LVT run longer than 20 r.m. or an expansion gap between doorways? Our T-profile is the perfect fit.

How do I cover the expansion gap to the wall?

Our standard skirting boards fit every interior. Seamlessly connecting floor and wall, its unique patented technology offers an identical connection between your floor and skirting in design, colour and texture.

How do I connect my floor with higher or lower-lying floor surfaces?

Higher or lower-lying flooring? Xtrafloor®’s multifunctional profiles effortlessly join different heights and flooring types: one product, a host of possibilities.

How do I cover the expansion gap under a large window frame or threshold?

Looking for a strong finish between your Click floor and wall, elevated door threshold, window or closet? Hardwearing and scratch-resistant, Xtrafloor® end profiles are a durable choice for the perfect end finish.

How do I finish my stairs in the same material as my flooring?

Our one-stop-shop for floor finishing solutions offers design stair nosing, using the same high quality LVT for your steps. Just like our first-rate LVT design floor, our stair nosing offers a heap of practical advantages. Xtrafloor® offers inner and outer corner stair nosing for your LVT design floor for a long-lasting protection against wear and tear. Protect and conceal flooring edges? With Xtrafloor®, there’s nothing to it.

How do I reduce noise from my children playing upstairs?

Thanks to its non-skid coating for floating installations, installing your underlay and floor has never been easier. Xtrafloor® Silent, your soundproofing solution for residential floors.

How do I install a Dryback LVT floor that is immediately walkable, without adhesives?

Specifically designed for the floating installation under Luxury Vinyl Floor, Xtrafloor® Flex Pro offers a comprehensive solution to install Dryback without the need of adhesives.

How do I ensure a perfect finish and protection?

Fill small joints with Xtrafloor® joint sealant.